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Looking for a shop that has all your vapor products in one place? Look no further than our shop. We’re Jerrie’s S.I. Vapors, and we’re your friendly local vape shop that has all the e-cigarettes, parts, and accessories that you need. Our business is locally owned and operated and offers vaping products to those in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We have a friendly, passionate staff that is always more than willing to answer any questions you have. Everyone from beginners to experienced vapers can find what they need here. Contact us or stop in to browse today!

Vapor Mt. Vernon Illinois

We are proud to offer quality vaping products to those in the Mt. Vernon area. We have 130 flavors that are made in the US. We carry all of the brands you look for including Aspire, Kanger, Ego, Evod, and I taste. We also carry Chi You mods and E-fest batteries. For novice vapers or the more casual user, we have great starter kits, and our friendly staff is happy to explain to you how the setup works. Our advanced users will enjoy all of the great accessories, tanks, coil wire, and mods we carry. You can customize your e-cig to look and operate just the way you want it.

We love to find ways to save our customers money. While vapor is less expensive than cigarettes, it still costs you money. We are always thinking of new promotions and discounts we can offer to our customers. We are currently offering 10% off to active military members and veterans. Our customer referral program gives you one free 30mL bottle of juice for every five people you refer to our store. And, for every five bottles of liquid you buy, you get one free. Like us on Facebook and check out our full website for new promotions and discounts.

It’s Jerrie’s for e-liquid, mods, and more. Stop in to browse today!

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Vapor Mt Vernon IL

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